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What are Scrapbooks?

What are Scrapbooks?

Hey, hey!

For todays post I thought I would just pop in to tell you a little more about scrapbooks!

Tea cups and flowers Scrapbook album

Scrapbooking is a hobby that involves using paper, photos and memorabilia to create scrapbook albums. You can the decorate the pages in any way you like to create a totally unique photo album! And I don't know about you, but I Love looking through old photo albums at my family's house! And I equally love to look back on all of our family adventures in the Scrapbooks I've created!

Lovely Scrapbook album

What we do here at Scrap my Memories is create those unique photo albums for you, using our scrapbooking skills that have come from years of scrapbooking for ourselves! So that you too can have some of your favourite photos all in one place!

They make excellent gifts too! Got a family member who lives far away? Send them a scrapbook filled with photos to show them you're thinking of them! Been on a dream holiday with your partner? Put the photos and other bits you've collected from your travels into a lovely scrapbook! Gift it to them on a random weekend so you can treasure your adventure forever!

Whatever the occasion, here at scrap my memories we can create it for you! With a range of albums ready made, and the custom design options to have an album made just for you we can create your perfect scrapbook album!

Photo printing is now also available! So if you love the idea, and would like your album completed with photos, then pop us a message on facebook

Hope you have a lovely day! Thanks for reading!